3D Measurement Education Solutions - Creaform ACADEMIA 3D Scanner

3D Measurement Education Solutions

Educational Solutions for Engineering Teachers

Creaform ACADEMIA 3D Scanner

Creaform’s easy-to-use professional-grade 3D scanner gives your students a hands-on learning experience and shows them how to use 3D scanners for a wide variety of engineering application, such as product design, reverse engineering and quality control inspections.

Included in the solution suite:

  • Three Academia professional-grade 3D scanners (additional options available)
  • ACADEMIA software for reverse engineering and inspection
  • 5-year Customer Care Plan
  • Self-training user documentation for 3D scanners

Educational Solutions for Researchers

Don’t let budget restrictions slow down your research efforts. Creaform ACADEMIA offers researchers a wide variety of innovative 3D scanners. You can benefit from the speed, portability and accuracy of Creaform technology.

The solution suite features a choice of metrology-grade 3D scanning technologies, including:

  • Go!SCAN 3D, HandySCAN 3D and MetraSCAN 3D scanners
  • HandyPROBE Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM)
  • ACADEMIA software for inspection, product design, and reverse engineering
  • A five-year Creaform ACADEMIA Customer Care Plan

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