3D Scanning Software – Vxmodel, VXinspectVXtrack

3D Scanning Software

VXmodel: Scan-To-Design Software

Simply integrates your 3D scan data into your CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE design files or directly into your Markforged 3D printing process.

VXmodel is a post-treatment software that integrates into CREAFORM VXelements, and enables 3D scan data to use in multiple 3D printing or CAD software.

VXmodel is easy-to-use and will improve your productivity by complementing your CAD software.

VXinspect: First Article Inspection (FAI) and QC Software

The 3D inspection software designed for first article inspection or quality control.

VXinspect is an intuitive 3D inspection software designed for first article inspection (FAI) and production control. VXinspect features functionalities to build a measurement sequence to control multiple parts. A central panel displays the data you can export into your reports. VXinspect integrates into VXelements, the Creaform 3D application suite.

VXtrack: Dynamic Tracking Software Module

The VXtrack dynamic tracking module is a component of VXelements, the Creaform integrated 3D software platform. VXtrack includes a C-Track, portable 3D measurement solutions.

VX track will improve manufacturing and QA productivity-from assembly and monitoring testing applications. It measures the positions and orientations of reflectors in space to create real-time accurate measurements.