Portable 3D Scanner by Creaform | Adaptive Corp

Portable Scanners

GoScan –  The easiest 3D scanning experience, generating fast and reliable measurements.

  • Point-and-shoot, color data acquisition
  • Scans typical objects in 5 minutes or less
  • Professional-grade measurements

The Go!SCAN 3D offers our easiest portable 3D scanning experience, providing fast and reliable measurements. With these handheld 3D scanners, you can even capture 3D data in full color.

You need simplified, quick, and accurate 3D scanning? The Go!SCAN 3D was designed with you in mind. Through a very efficient process, these self-positioning systems can be used by anyone without requiring any prior experience or background, and provide visual guidance as you are scanning. Their innovative technology bypasses preparation steps and specific setups, provides a very fast measurement rate, and does not require manual data post-processing.

Highly versatile, they can be used for a wide range of applications, helping professionals throughout the entire product development process.

HandyScan –  The portable metrology-grade 3D scanners delivering highly accurate measurements.

  • Truly portable and faster than ever
  • Metrology-grade accuracy and resolution
  • User-friendly and easy to use

The HandySCAN 3D has been optimized to meet the needs of product development and engineering professionals on the lookout for the most effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects.

They are now more portable and they are faster at delivering accurate and high resolution 3D scans while remaining overly simple to use. Yet, it is their true portability that has changed the rules and set a whole new trend in the 3D scanning market.

Metrascan – The most complete 3D scanning solution for metrology-grade measurements on all materials

  • Highly accurate measurements
  • Free of any rigid setup
  • Complete metrology solution

Unexpected costs, production and part approval delays from non-conformities are no longer an issue when using Creaform’s portable optical CMM 3D scanner, the MetraSCAN 3D. Help operators better manage processes and respond faster to the industry’s increasing quality control (QC) requirements—all without compromising the manufacturing throughput. Optical metrology provides measurement accuracy that is insensitive to the instabilities of the environment, making the MetraSCAN 3D optical CMM the prime choice for shop-floor quality control metrology.

With its extendable measuring volume, incredible speed, shop-floor accuracy and impressive capabilities on challenging materials, the MetraSCAN 3D represents the most complete metrology-grade 3D scanner on the market.

Creaform is committed to a future where the tools and methods of metrology become a guiding force in manufacturing automation, by creating the digital thread of data that links physical data to the virtual model. Creaform sees a bright future for 3D scanning and a limited role for probing. Complex shapes will be completely and accurately characterized, and defaults will be analyzed in real time.