As part of Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, BIOVIA provides the tools and environment in which science- and process-based organizations can simplify complex processes, collaborate effectively worldwide, and innovate more quickly. That helps your organization deliver better quality products to market faster at a reduced cost.

The BIOVIA portfolio gives your organization the ability to perform modeling and simulation, improve lab and quality management, collect and apply process-management intelligence, and effectively research and collaborate on a global scale. Your teams benefit from reduced overall cycle times, enabled predictive insights, access to internal and external scientific information, improved sustainability, and enhanced quality and compliance.

What industries is BIOVIA for?

  • Pharmaceutical and technology
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Food and beverage
  • Energy
  • Semiconductor and electronics
  • Transportation (including automobile and aerospace)
  • Academic and government


CISPro is a chemical inventory management system that consolidates and streamlines your organization’s material management, ordering and purchasing, and compliance processes.

Meeting Market Challenges

Every product-focused enterprise is faced with similar challenges: continuous innovation, relentless competition, spiraling costs, environmental impacts, sustainable production, global pressures, IP protection, and regulatory demands. You also share the same goals: driving innovation, reducing costs, and improving quality.

To globally and sustainably deliver a high-quality product, you need to implement cross-functional business processes that span its lifecycle. BIOVIA helps you meet the demands of the marketplace by helping you:

  • Uncover and access the institutional knowledge that drives faster innovation, such as lessons learned and data gathered on previous experiments and product launches that can be applied to new projects.
  • Reduce costs with more effective processes by leveraging new technologies—such as cloud solutions, social networking, and more—to turn data into insight from discovery to commercialization.

BIOVIA Proven Benefits

  • 30% errors/reworks
  • 35% review times
  • 40% audit/report time
  • 90% regulatory reporting (APR) cycle times
  • 25% productivity, accuracy, quality, and regulatory quality
  • Improve process efficiency so you innovate faster, produce environmentally safe and sustainable products, and get to market first with the quality product consumers want.
  • Operate and collaborate globally to expand knowledge-sharing to internal and external teams—securely—while lowering the cost of production.
  • Protect intellectual property while sharing the right information with the right people at the right time.
  • Meet regulatory requirements with an enterprise system designed to ensure you’re in compliance throughout the product’s lifecycle.

BIOVIA’s Scientific Product Lifecycle Management

BIOVIA’s 3DEXPERIENCE foundation ensures seamless connection to data, information, ideas, people, virtual worlds, and solutions. It means the ability to automate critical processes, integrate information, and advance internal and worldwide collaboration.

  • Single source of truth: Your organization’s most valuable asset—your intellectual property—is no longer stored in as many as a dozen different siloed repositories across your organization. Instead, it’s stored in a single, central location that everyone who needs it has access to, and you have confidence that it’s protected, correct, and available.
  • Data and oversight throughout the product lifecycle: Information about your product’s design or marketing campaigns or customer service issues are accessible, not isolated in their respective departments. This means insights from one stage in the lifecycle are available to your employees working in other stages—and maybe more importantly, available to teams working on similar products. You leverage insights and data to save time and resources, allowing you to get to market sooner.
  • Open architecture: BIOVIA seamlessly integrates with other systems, processes, and solutions, allowing you to automate, harmonize, and standardize processes and interoperability.

BIOVIA transforms the world of scientific innovation with a new scientific collaborative environment that helps you manage and connect scientific innovation processes and data, enhance time-to-value via predictive insight functionality, reduce cycle times while improving sustainability, and improve velocity across the product lifecycle. To learn more about how BIOVIA can help your teams, contact Adaptive.