BIOVIA CISPro is a chemical inventory management system that consolidates and streamlines your organization’s material management, ordering and purchasing, and compliance processes. The real-time, integrated solution unifies processes that have traditionally been paper-based—and potentially siloed across multiple labs or groups. This enables your scientists, lab managers, purchasers, and EHS professionals to digitally manage chemicals safely from receipt to disposal along the entire lab-to-plant lifecycle.

A single, centralized system full of on- and off-site information makes your teams more efficient and helps reduce costs. CISPro can house information on every chemical, biological, and relevant supply on-site, along with pre-populated chemical data from suppliers and integrations with third-party databases for safety data sheet information and more.

Centralization of material inventory information delivers huge logistics and even regulatory benefits, without sacrificing flexibility. Your individual labs can configure their own workflows while still accessing your enterprise CISPro installation.

BIOVIA CISPro offers:

  • Efficient chemical inventory management, status, and reporting
  • Comprehensive hazard information for on-site materials
  • Simple tools to reduce purchases of unnecessary chemicals
  • Minimization of chemical waste
  • Easy monitoring of chemical expiration dates and shelf life

Who benefits from BIOVIA CISPro?

Lab scientists and workers can search, source, and request chemicals or supplies from in-house stock or external suppliers with ability to view full chemical data and safety data sheets.

  • Save time by searching internal and external stores via chemical structure, name, CAS number, and other factors. The ACD (available chemicals database) integration means access to comprehensive data from more than 800 suppliers, and prepopulated data reduces the need for manual data entry
  • Ensure compliance with the ability to view each supplier’s detailed chemical data.
  • Improve efficiency working in a centralized system while maintaining individual autonomy with workflows configured for your lab’s specific processes.

BIOVIA CISPro value:

  • 30-45% less time researching and ordering materials
  • 30-40% reduced inventory materials costs
  • 50-60% fewer delays due to missing inventory
  • 50-75% less time searching existing inventory
  • Improve collaboration with stockroom managers and EHS personnel to efficiently manage chemical lifecycle processes.

Purchasers and lab managers can manage complete material inventory logistics, including purchasing, receiving, dispensing, disposal, and compliance.

  • Save time with a centralized system that collects orders to avoid duplication, expedites material handling with barcode scanning (kiosk mode), and allows configuration of preferred-customer lists for simplified ordering.
  • Ensure compliance with the ability to easily apply GHS labeling standards, enforce storage compatibility, and track and report on overage limits, expired materials, and disposals.
  • Improve safety by automatically flagging materials with regulatory information and hazards, due to prepopulated supplier data.

EHS professionals can track and monitor on-site chemicals, as well as report on regulatory actions and limits.

  • Ensure compliance with simple, accurate reporting processes that allow monitoring of chemical quantities and limits, expiration dates and shelf life, and disbursement, disposal, and other actions.

BIOVIA CISPro core areas:

  • Materials (definitions)
  • Containers (inventory)
  • Logistics (what, where, management workflows)
  • Regulatory (SDS management and other compliance activities)
  • Save resources via a streamlined system that helps reduce duplicate ordering, on-hand inventory, and hazardous waste.
  • Save time managing compliance information in the system, with prepopulated chemical data and integrations that offer comprehensive details, including SDS links.

How do you revolutionize your inventory management?

BIOVIA CISPro is available on-premise—installed on your servers behind your firewall—or on the cloud as a subscription. In the cloud configuration, CISPro leverages BIOVIA ScienceCloud, which achieves the highest standards for security, integrity, and availability of information.

Once CISPro is in place, Adaptive can help you configure group settings, vendor lists, and individual workflows for each lab in your organization. With BIOVIA CISPro and a custom configuration for your specific needs, you’ll see cost savings and efficiency improvements immediately. Contact Adaptive to learn more.