DELMIA – Digital Manufacturing Software

DELMIA is the manufacturing operations backbone within the unique Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform. DELMIA technology helps global businesses design and reimagine their engineering, operations, and manufacturing systems and processes.

Operational excellence requires coordination across the enterprise; the DELMIA portfolio enables operational transformation as you plan, produce, and manage all resources, staff, and processes in a virtual environment that drives the physical operation.

DELMIA Digital Manufacturing drives innovation and efficiency by enabling a holistic 3D design and operations environment. Manufacturers can virtually experience their entire global factory production, from the impact of design changes to calculating how to meet global demand. Simulation activities allow manufacturers to better manage and modify processes to quickly respond to technical challenges, competitive threats, or new market opportunities.

DELMIA applies the same powerful aspects of 3D visualization that have transformed product design and engineering. Engineers and managers can visualize and simulate the entire physical plant or production line before any of it is created. By proving various plant level considerations such as manufacturing approaches or material flow in a virtual environment, production concepts can be tested and analyzed for best practices.

DELMIA Digital Manufacturing users can plan using 3D processes and associated resource planning tools, to optimize build-to-order and lean production systems. A wide variety of simulation tools make is easy to virtually define and optimize manufacturing assets concurrently with manufacturing planning. The virtual production system can then be used to track real-time production, perform schedule changes, launch new programs, and schedule maintenance.

There are 40 role-specific implementation options within the DELMIA Digital Manufacturing portfolio, covering specific responsibilities in such disciplines as fabrication, process planning, ergonomics, collaborative manufacturing, and robotics.

DELMIA technology empowers many of the world’s largest and most technically sophisticated manufacturing companies. Most PLM companies offer a CAD product on one hand and a data management product on the other hand. Only Dassault Systemès offers a full array of value creation solutions for manufacturing as a comprehensive, integrated 3D environment.

A variety of 3D dashboards provide a modern user experience both intuitive and powerful. The DELMIA user experience is state-of-the art. Users can search across the enterprise for information, then drag and drop the results onto an existing operational design.

The DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE platform is purpose-built for managing the operational side of the value creation process in the manufacturing firm. The DELMIA platform can be installed as an enterprise solution in-house or cloud-based for the globally dispersed enterprises.

A webinar that explains the value and capabilities of DELMIA Ortems. The video starts with an introduction of the overall DELMIA portfolio, which is very important to understand how the various solutions can work together, but are also viable standalone. The Ortems overview starts at the 6m mark.

DELMIA® Ortems Production Scheduler Brochure

A functional data sheet for the Ortems Production Scheduler application.

DELMIA® Ortems Manufacturing Planner Brochure

A functional data sheet for the Ortems Manufacturing Planner application.