EXALEAD OnePart- Business Solution

The modern manufacturing company is a broad enterprise with vast sums of knowledge stored in a variety of digital databases. As part of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE, EXALEAD enables organizations to gather, align, and repurpose all this data, delivering it in a way that users can immediately use to the company’s benefit. EXALEAD technology transforms large volumes of “big data” into meaningful, real-time information and actionable intelligence.

The EXALEAD portfolio consists of five products:

  • EXALEAD PLM Analytics to reveal, measure, and analyze product lifecycle data;
  • EXALEAD OnePart to find and reuse existing parts, 3D or 3D designs, and related documentation;
  • EXALEAD OnePart Reduce to deduplicate existing parts in your databases, reducing legacy parts and simplifying part data management;
  • EXALEAD OneCall provides a comprehensive approach to building true customer intelligence, with social functions to manage exchanges between customer representatives and consumers

EXALEAD is the big data management access engine within the unique Dassault Systemès 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The underlying technology empowers many of the world’s largest and most technically sophisticated manufacturing companies. EXALEAD gives the 3DEXPERIENCE platform a unique competitive advantage by bringing world-class search tools to play in manufacturing.

Three discipline-specific portfolios are available for EXALEAD:

  • Customer Support & Service Analytics uncovers the value of product-generated data, combined with customer information and aggregated data found in other databases;
  • PLM Analytics combines a generation worth of PLM experience at Dassault Systemès with the cutting-edge search technology in EXALEAD to deeply reveal, measure, and analyze PLM data;
  • Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence is a rich set of applications based on EXALEAD to classify company assets, identify master parts for reuse, and to make sure Engineering uses the preferred part every time. This portfolio also manages the sourcing and procurement process to optimize ordering and to analyze technically viable alternative solutions.

A variety of 3D dashboards in each portfolio provides a modern user experience both intuitive and powerful. All stakeholders can take advantage of these state-of-the art solutions.

Explains how EXALEAD OnePart can compliment existing PDM/PLM systems to improve part design search, and then provides a demonstration of searching for parts stored in SmarTeam, EPDM, etc.


EXALEAD OnePart brochure explaining its key business value and capabilities. This could be useful to explain the solution when writing a justification for for a capital request.