What’s New in Simpack 2021

What’s New in Simpack 2021:

General Functionality

  • Improved GUI and solver load-time performance
  • DoE adaptation for HPC support

Simpack Solver

  • Improved handling for strain and dissipative energy calculation of Force Elements during Eigenvalue analysis
  • Configurable solver termination due to errors and warnings

Simpack Post

  • Automatic front/back plane clipping adaption during animation
  • Harmonization of Animation Page into Autosize Page
  • Static Field Results
  • Marker visualization for mesh and field channels
  • Improved contouring performance for Flexible Bodies

Simpack Scripting

  • Enhanced scripting performance for modifying many SubVars

Flexible Bodies

  • Modal flexible track representations
  • Support for ANSYS versions 2019 R2 and 2020 R1
  • Tutorial with best practices for nonlinear reduction of twist beam axles

General Modeling Elements

  • Extension of Electric Machine Interface for run-up simulations
  • Improved wireframe visualization for Primitives from CAD Interfac
  • New Fluid Interface <preliminary>

Simpack Gear, Rolling and Journal Bearing

  • User Defined Roller Profile for Rolling Bearings
  • Output loads per slice for roller type bearings
  • Importer for REXS (gearbox interface format)
  • New output Instant Contact Ratio for Gear Pair
  • Simplified flexible gear node handling for Gear Pair
  • Support for Load intensity Mesh Outputs Gear Pair
  • EHD Nodal Oil flow
  • EHD improved maximum gap handling
  • EHD Global thermal balance
  • Additional output values for half-width pressure in EHD
  • Suport for Piston-Ring Dynamics simulations

Simpack Automotive

  • TMeasy update to version 5.3.1
  • Standalone model support for external references used by FTire

Simpack Rail

  • Enable constant position for Marker ‘Follow Track Joint’
  • Improved traction formulation for Rail-Wheel contact in zero velocity

Simpack Contact

  • New Solver support for Curve-Curve Contact
  • Improve Contact Search for Cycloidal Gear based on Cam Contact
  • Height correction modification and increased performance for Polygonal Contact Model

Simpack Wizard

  • Configurable memory usage for scenario generation
  • Support for „Select Directories“ for Parameters
  • “Copy to project” functionality for par.spck files from additional libraries
  • Filter for overwritten values of Linked Variants
  • Visual distinction of overwritten values
  • Viewing of arbitrary Modeling Elements

Simpack Power’By (Multibody Analyst PXP role in 3DEXPERIENCE R2020x Simulation)

  • Enhanced Open Product Structure from 3DEXPERIENCE
    • Support for Engineering Connections (Transfer to Simpack Connections)
    • Support for Knowledgeware Parameters (Transfer to Simpack SubVars)

Simpack Multiphysics Interfaces

  • Extend S-Function blocks by adding Signal Names to the Output Ports
  • Support for MATLAB® / Simulink® R2019a and R2019b