Endurica LLC was founded in 2008 to provide services, technology, and training that accelerate reliable design for elastomer materials and components. Will Mars, founder of Endurica created the Endurica fatigue life prediction code – a patented system for analyzing the effects of multiaxial, variable amplitude duty cycles on elastomers. Endurica is the world’s first code for elastomer fatigue life simulation. They strive to make CAE-based fatigue life prediction for rubber as widely practiced and as well-understood as fatigue life prediction for other materials by empowering materials, component, and system developers with reliable methods and tools for assessing fatigue life. Their solutions help their clients understand and manage the effects on fatigue life of nonlinear material behavior, component geometry, and complex duty cycles. Endurica has served leading companies in the automotive, defense, medical device, offshore, and consumer products.

Adaptive has a working history with Endurica in the tire and rubber industry.  We have co-presented technical papers and webinars and have highlighted their Endurica CL technology.

Endurica CL™ is a full-featured solver for elastomer fatigue analysis. It is FE-code neutral, with a command line / text file interface that provides access to advanced capabilities for elastomer analysis.