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Blacksmith: Automated quality control for Markforged X7 Printers

The Only Industrial Grade Printer with In-Process Part Verification

Get to market faster with confidence in your parts by streamlining the quality control process for 3D printed parts on the X7. By scanning parts while they print, the X7 is the only industrial-grade FFF 3D printer with in-process part verification.

Get Reliable Parts Right Off the Print Bed

Blacksmith is a subscription feature available through Eiger, the additive manufacturing software for Markforged. It scans, measures, and compares dimensional accuracy data of printed parts to their design files — giving manufacturers reliable parts right off the print bed.

Benefits of Blacksmith Software:

  • Verified prints off the print bed — Get known good parts at the point of fabrication. Generate, compare, and automatically store quality reports for any part printed with Blacksmith.
  • Accessible and integrated workflow — Integrate regular part inspection into your additive workflow with a single click. No specialized training or complicated inspection equipment needed.
  • Confirmed fleet conformity — Print consistent, predictable parts across a global fleet. Remove any headaches about part variability.
  • Controlled additive quality process — Establish a standardized process for measuring additively manufactured parts.
  • Expand additive applications — Transition business critical parts from traditional manufacturing to additive manufacturing with increased confidence in part quality.

Core Blacksmith Processes


A series of automated calibration procedures is completed to ensure each printer is operating at the high standards required for Blacksmith.

Print and Scan Part

Blacksmith harnesses the power of the X7’s existing integrated laser micrometer and a patented intelligent scanning process to securely measure parts as they are printed.

Compare Scan to STL Data

Blacksmith collects measurement data during the print and assembles a point cloud for review in Eiger. This point cloud is automatically registered and overlaid on the input STL for comparison.

Report Data

View the deviation across the part’s geometry, and set tolerance limits to assess part quality. The print report is saved in Eiger and can be referenced at any future date.


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