Net-Inspect: Supply Chain and Quality Improvement Software


Net-Inspect provides an easy to use and implement global supply chain portal that enables proactive, real-time performance improvement. Net-Inspect allows customer’s to rank and compare their suppliers and consistently monitor improvements. Net-Inspect tracks manufacturing issues as well, so problem areas are easier to spot and are corrected quickly.

Net-Inspect provides:

  • Reduced costs with paperless FAIs (AS/EN9102) and a single enterprise portal
  • Secured, web-based visibility of FAI Reports and supporting documents
  • Industry standardized forms
  • Ability to hyperlink unlimited subtiers to your FAIs for complex assemblies
  • Complete supply chain visibility
  • Real time alerts for significantly improved root cause analysis
  • Significant reduction in scrap and rework
  • Proactive management of variation and process capability (AS/EN9103)
  • Monitored process control, virtually eliminating secondary inspections
  • Machine Maintenance Alerts
  • Tool calibration alerts
  • No up-front cost
  • No setup fees
  • No “per-seat” license charges

Video Transcription

In this video you’ll see how Adaptive Corporation is bringing technologies together to create a best in class First Article Inspection process. The first step in the process is using InspectionXpert to balloon your 2D PDF drawing. As you can see, InspectionXpert uses OCI to successfully extract the information from your drawing.

I have just completed extracting the project properties.  I’m now going to go ahead and extract dimensional call outs. Again, you can see that InspectionXpert is using OCI to accurately extract all of the dimensional call outs.  InspectionXpert also offers users the ability to extract GDNT call outs.

As you can see, the GDNT builder makes it very easy to build up a call out as per the drawing. InspectionXpert also allows users to customize the appearance of balloons and also their location on the drawing. Once all of the dimensions have been extracted you can then go ahead and extract all the required information needed to complete form one and two at the AS form 2102 FAI report. Again, you will use InspectionXpert’s built-in OCI to extract this information. However, if you have this information in a CSV file format you can automatically import this data. At this point you’ve completed extracting all of the required information in order to produce your FAI report. InspectionXpert, also offers users the ability to use the built-in add-ons to fill in the results column prior to publishing a completed Excel FAI report.

You can enable Management Expert and/or CMM Expert within Options. You now have the ability to manually input measured data, use electronic hand tools, or even import a report generated by your coordinate measuring machine or other portable measuring devices such as a farer arm.

You can now go ahead and publish a ballooned PDF as well as a completed Excel FAI report for this project. However, while moving your company to Net Inspect you can seamlessly transfer all of this information straight to your company’s own Net Inspect portal. Net Inspect is a web-based enterprise quality management system which includes complete supply chain management system with unique visibility tools, part mapping and many other features.

Many of the major aerospace companies in the world have already implemented Net Inspect to manage their first article process these companies include Honeywell, Boeing, Bombardier, Rolls-Royce, and Spirit AeroSystems. Net Inspect manages the accuracy and integrity of product data essential to validate in manufacturing processes. It offers a quick turnaround and cost-effective FAI reporting system. You can reduce costs with paperless FAIs and a single enterprise portal it offers a secured web-based visibility for FAI reports that supports reporting documents and industry standardized forms and also the ability to link unlimited sub-tiers to your FAI’s for more complex assemblies. There is a net inspect icon within InspectionXpert. By clicking on this icon and entering your Net Inspect credentials, you can seamlessly transfer all of your first article inspection reports into your Net Inspect portal.

You can see that each FAI that you applied from InspectionXpert to Net Inspect is given its own individual FAI number. Once you have opened Net Inspect in your web browser, navigate to the first articles tab and then locate the FAA that you just uploaded.  Immediately you can see that all information for forms one, two, and three is present within your Net Inspect FAI. The measured data that was imported directly into InspectionXpert has also been transferred over to form through within Net Inspect. The balloon PDF has also been brought over and attached. Once you have completed your first article you can easily create an inspection plan of the features that you wish to measure by clicking on the Create Inspection plan button at the bottom of form three. Net Inspect provides a seamless integration between manufacturing and quality, it is an enterprise quality management system portal designed for use in any manufacturing environment. It provides real-time alerts for dramatically improved root cause analysis, significantly reduces scrap and rework, proactively manages variation and process capability, which is required as part of AS9103 and also virtually eliminates secondary inspections with monitored process control.

For further information, or to request an in-depth demonstration, please contact Adaptive Corporation.