Customer Intelligence

Organizations are struggling today to deal with vast amounts of customer data. It is possible to search through marketing and social network conversations, but hard to connect the dots in a meaningful way with other, more traditional sources of customer data.

One branch of information systems is Customer Intelligence (CI), the process of gathering information about customers and analyzing that data in order to build deeper, more effective relationships. CI is also used as an input into strategic decision making. 3D expert Dassault Systemès now offers an innovative approach to CI which makes it easier to gather, understand, and use customer intelligence data from a wide variety of internal and external sources.

Our approach to Customer Intelligence captures a complete view of the customer, across structured and unstructured channels including external blogs, social network messages, and survey results, and internal data. The results are presented in a holistic 3D framework designed for ease of understanding and collaborative use.

Deep Engagement with Three-Dimensional Insight

The CI solutions enable deep engagement with such important questions as “How is the customer voice impacting sales?” or “How does the customer engage us in public communications?” Having deep insight into customer behavior allows your team to increase customer retention and strengthen internal collaboration. Companies can use the CI solutions to distill actionable customer insight from a wide variety of sources. The unique 3D approach allows multi-dimensional insight into customer issues, giving you a competitive advantage in the marketplace by putting the customer at the heart of everything you do.

Five Keys to Successful Customer Intelligence

CI solutions offer three-dimensional insights in five key areas:

Reveal: Turn an incomplete view of customer assets, transactions, and social media interactions into information for improved customer engagement.

Listen:  Equip your company with a real-time multi-channel “ear” that picks up what the customer is saying across the Internet.

Share: Create a collaborative internal channel that enables smart, real-time customer responsiveness for the entire organization.

Enrich: Eliminate existing complexity in your CI with a single source of truth, without rebuilding or replacing legacy data systems. Lower operational costs by continuing to leverage existing systems and investments.

Engage: Turn existing customer churn from dissatisfaction or other issues into a mechanism for decision support and coherent customer engagement.

The CI Difference

Turn your various and separate customer databases and external data sources into a single coherent channel with CI. You gain a single, understandable view of the customer, presented in a unique holistic 3D experience that improves understanding and makes collaboration a central aspect of ongoing work.

You can transform existing enterprise data and external data such as social media conversations into understandable, useful, and actionable information for business recommendations and next-action recommendations. The built-in business dashboards and KPI metrics in the system help you make smarter decisions based on better information.

Only the companies that can unite disparate data sources into a single coherent view can turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s benefits. If you are responsible for engaging customers or providing customer data to improve engagement, ask your Adaptive Corp. representative to demonstrate the powerful advantages of a 3DEXPERIENCE approach to Customer Intelligence.