In today’s economy, a competitive environment accelerates the need to bring products to market sooner with unsurpassed quality. With advanced design capabilities at the heart of the product development process, companies can leverage advanced technology to enable a more efficient organization. From part design, assembly creation, mechanisms in motion, mock-up review, and drawing generation tasks, we can help you with an integrated system that enables users to collaborate, allowing concurrent work to be completed with complete version control.

The design-to-manufacturing cycle sets the agenda for product development. Key decisions about assembly layout, complexity, parts management, and much more is set in stone during the earliest phases of design.

Our solutions enable flexible and intuitive 2D and 3D modeling capabilities, including simulations for the early concept validation phase. By making product data available for other downstream design processes, product teams can accelerate the entire process by having information where it needs to be.


Common roles in product design include:

Mechanical & Shape Designer

  • Create and manage the shape and surface design process
  • Create a workable design for both 2D and 3D models for assembly, kinematic mechanisms, interference review,
  • Establish best practices

Mechanical Part Designer

  • Increase efficiency by automating repetitive or tedious tasks in mechanical part design
  • Access a library of dedicated functionalities, proposed by the software to simplify, accelerate, and check complex designs including cast and forged parts.
  • Enable product designers and engineers to simulate mechanical function in a robust design and analysis environment.
  • Easily re-use Kinematic processes defined in the Assembly phase
  • Functional check and validation is an interactive process, and may be conducted for the whole system or selected elements.
  • Data types including class analysis, distance computation, geometric traces, and swept volumes of a moving part are all presented as either animations or snapshots.
  • Simulations can be updated automatically to evaluate newer design alternatives.

Design Review & Preparation:

  • Create exact geometries to make accurate measurements without modifying original geometric definitions.
  • Creation and management of sophisticated mechanical projects that span several disciplines.
  • Handle part design, sheet metal & weld design, assembly creation, mechanism motion, 3D mock-up and review, and drawing generation.