Tooling Engineering

There is much talk in the industry of bringing advanced engineering processes to product design. But products must be manufactured; the engineers who create the mold and tooling equipment also need advanced software to meet today’s competitive challenges.

As with product designers, toolmakers need to deliver results quickly, accurately, and stay in control of quality and cost. Our solutions will help deliver a flexible and highly customizable approach for both conceptual tooling design and detailed tooling engineering.

From traditional design to collaborative engineering for manufacturing

Tool making has a rich tradition in manufacturing; in many companies the senior engineers carry tacit knowledge that needs to be made available to newer employees. In order to maintain important experiential knowledge and make it part of the optimal engineering experience, an integrated approach to document management is beneficial. The processes of virtual engineering combined with our expertise in successful tooling practices brings the best of automation, tacit knowledge and validation into one system that all can benefit from.

The Benefits

Tooling design automation gives your team the ability to apply best-in-class model-based engineering throughout your tool and mold development cycle. Our approach streamlines development, increases collaboration, and improves productivity by reducing costs throughout the organization.