Enterprise Collaboration

Communication is not an option, so ensuring that the members of your corporation are sharing the right documents and data across the office ― or across the globe ― is essential. Adaptive Corporation’s enterprise collaboration solutions can ensure collaboration among every person at every stage of PLM in order to successfully complete the final project.

Say good-bye to the struggle of trying to identify correct, current project versions in convoluted shared files. With Enovia V6 you can plan and manage resource assignments based on real-time information on availability. Its innovative software Program Management will schedule and track each aspect of the product development process in real time as the work is completed. Trying to organize the process of dozens of concurrent projects, among hundreds of suppliers and thousands of parts and engineers into a reasonable management project is daunting, but Enovia V6 solutions can orchestrate all this as well as the most complex processes with precision. This eliminates non-value added activities and allows for complete visibility of landmark progress, resource utilization and project deliverables as well as the ability to detect and intercept across the enterprise any potential risks and issues before they manifest. Your organization can also benefit from the ability to drive project updates with a deliverable status.

Leverage Collaboration to Benefit You

All companies, from small businesses to global enterprises, need the right technology to tie together every aspect of their projects in a communicative and collaborative manner. Adaptive and Dassault Systèmes have the enterprise collaboration solutions your business needs to ensure effective communication that propels the completion of products and projects accurately and on time.

  • Global Collaborative Innovation: Enovia V6 connects everyone regardless of location or status to collaborate across business processes.
  • Online Creation and Collaboration: Enabled for real time across multiple remote locations using only a Web connection.
  • Mobile Collaboration: Allows mobile users to design anywhere and anytime, even if the network is unavailable, all while protecting IP and maintaining data integrity with the rest of the design team.
  • One Single Platform for IP Management: On a single platform, Enovia V6 supports both IP modeling applications and collaborative business processes to cover an entire product lifecycle.
  • Scheduling Collaboration: View and management of project team members’ task assignments through the “My Calendar” feature which ensures development projects stay on-schedule by providing all project team members with a consolidated view of their task assignments and activities requiring their attention. Users’ assignments can be visualized in daily, weekly and monthly views based on task due date and start date helping to better manage priorities.
  • A Lifelike Experience: Experience the product, and collaborate in an immersive online 3DEXPERIENCE with an intuitive interface critical to a fully immersive product experience.
  • Achieve Lower Total Cost of Ownership and See Quick ROI: Whether your existing software is from Dassault Systèmes or another provider, the flexible SOA architecture allows for easy integration with any existing system. Easily execute business processes with minimal programming skills, and support an adaptable business model across global platforms to capture the value within each specific industry.