Document Management

Manufacturers have many options for managing documents within their organizations, options that range from the simple to the complex. When an organization has more complicated needs there are a variety of potential tools to use. The solution required will depend on not only documentation management need but also what enterprise software might already be implemented.

Most manufacturers are likely dealing with not just Microsoft Office documents, but also engineering files. In addition, they typically have complex project management processes and information sharing or collaboration needs. Given those facts, making use of the document/content management capabilities that are integrated with a product lifecycle management (PLM) platform can often be the best option.

One of the many challenges manufacturers face in this digital age is enterprise content management (ECM) — storing, tracking, and securing the documentation and other files required to define, design, produce, and service products. Despite a 30-year history of digital content management solutions, manufacturers still face a tough choice due to the complexity of the wide variety of file types and processes that are critical to their operations.

Unique ECM challenges for manufacturers:

  1. Complex, interlinked file storage: Critical manufacturer content involves more than Microsoft Office documents. CAD/CAE files, for example, can be large and reference many other files.
  2. Multi-disciplinary and multi-organizational process management: Content must be accessible to workers across the organization, as well as to the business processes that connect cross-functional teams to deliver a product to market.
  3. Increased security needs: Files must be managed in a way that adheres to applicable organizational security and regulatory and compliance guidelines.

Manufacturers who are ready for comprehensive, robust content management can choose to use processes included in a variety of platforms, some of which may already be in use in the organization. PLM platforms, and in particular, 3DEXPERIENCE’s ENOVIA, offer the most functionality and benefits.

In every category of need — file storage/vaulting, process/workflow, document control, and advanced/IT-related — ENOVIA helps manufacturers streamline processes, save worker time, and make collaboration more effective, efficient, and secure.

For more information and an evaluation of how ENOVIA can help your organization, contact Adaptive.

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