Process Planning

Creating products with the advantages of the Dassault Systemès 3DEXPERIENCE platform does not have to end with design. Manufacturing Engineers and Project Planners can now use the same virtual 3D technologies. Process Planning is a state-of-the-art portfolio of software tools based on the well-proven DELMIA V6 technology. Use the intuitive, modern 3D interface to reduce cost and risk in the design, validation, and documentation of your production manufacturing systems.

Process Planning helps create and optimize build-to-order and lean manufacturing production systems. The portfolio helps users to simulate, document, and effectively plan essential manufacturing capabilities and processes. Plans can be modified and reused for new projects. Specific products and resources can be linked to specific steps. Time studies help balance the workload between plant resources.

Roles for specific tasks

The DELMIA Process Planning portfolio offers 13 task-specific versions:

Manufacturing Engineer: Define the PPR structures (product, process, resource) and identify the connections between them. The 3D display makes it easy to understand and define process planning data.

Process Planner:
A complete software toolset to define, optimize, and validate manufacturing process plans. Describe sub-assemblies and related routings, and optimize the related workload and resource utilization. Use the virtual assembly environment to validate sequences.

Time Study Analyst: Calculate operation times using existing best practices or industry standards like MTM. Studies performed in Time Study Analyst are directly usable along with equipment allocation (line balancing) in process planning.

Process Simulation Analyst: 3D is a great way to discover potential assembly issues early, when changes are easier and less expensive. Planners can create, optimize, and validate assembly processes, leveraging the work of upstream planners who have previously defined manufacturing assemblies. Interactively create and edit assembly trajectories, and initialize start positions using previous product positioning.

Work Instruction Designer: Create easy-to-follow text-and-3D job instructions. Import other visual documentation as needed. Capture best practices for re-use in similar future projects. Coordinate with your existing Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Process Flow Analyst: Simulate product flow between manufacturing systems over multiple cycles to make better decisions in uncertain conditions. Users can define the manufacturing system, and then simulate variations in the flow of parts from one area to another. Make fast work of designing alternative routing scenarios.

Plant Layout Designer: Use a catalog of parametric resources such as conveyors, shelving, tables, and containers for quickly setting up a realistic environment. Leverage existing 2D factory drawings, with the ability to snap to 2D elements to create the 3D plant layout model.

Industrial Engineer: See the system in 3D as you design it. Fine-tune production system performance, and conduct feasibility/performance studies. Identify bottlenecks in the virtual production system before the happen in the physical system, then create alternate routings quickly.

Assembly Simulation Expert: A toolset for simulation experts to create product assembly feasibility studies in 3D. Use powerful algorithms to allow easy development of collision-free part and assembly trajectories. Engineers can discover potential assembly issues and communicate the issues visually with team members.

Heavy Industry Assembly Planner: A dedicated environment for defining and part-planning large manufacturing assemblies. Planners can navigate a complex process in 3D with an immersive view, with a parts list of their current work always available.

Fastener Process Planner: A dedicated workspace for planning fastener functionality in a 3D virtual factory. Check the accessibility of any welding tool, and optimize its placement in the surrounding context, and optimize resource utilization by balancing fastening operations in the mix of stations, robots, and workers.

Heavy Industry Process Planner: An end-to-end 3D collaborative solution for ship and yard system planning. Planners can assign processes, parts, and operations for pre-production and production. Plans can be shared with downstream stakeholders for final production.

Heavy Industry Structure Manufacturer: A 3D environment for production engineers to create detail structure planning in a collaborative, concurrent fashion. This toolset automates the generation of weld and related manufacturing features and generates required workshop documentation, including detailed weld-planning data.

The virtual factory

The 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio of process planning tools take the power of 3D visualization from design into manufacturing and factory planning. Management of all planning operations is an open, collaborative, and trackable process. Key intellectual property once locked into spreadsheets and 2D drawings is now accessible as part of the virtual engineering environment.