Product Planning and Program Management

Today, many companies still manage programs with disconnected resource, project and authoring applications.  The result is manual, time-consuming, and error prone collection and consolidation of program data from which critical business decisions are made.  Product Planning and Program Management associates the definition and development of the product portfolio with the tracking of the projects used to govern it.  Implications of portfolio decisions can be quickly assessed against the project schedule.  As a result, a project manager can take action to resolve issues with a full understanding of the impact to the portfolio.  Governance is standardized using best-in-class business processes across the extended enterprise.

Deliverables-based project management links product development data to project execution.  With “invisible governance,” projects update with real-time deliverable status providing the ability to identify potential issues and risks before they materialize.  Product planning and development cycle times can be optimized within scope, capacity and resource constraints.

Product Planning and Program Management helps:

  • Determine the optimal mix of product capabilities to meet market demands and minimize engineering costs
  • Schedule and track all aspects of the product development process in real time as the work is completed
  • Plan and manage resource assignments based on real-time information on availability