Inspection & Metrology

Adaptive can help your organization ensure its products meet design performance criteria, avoiding unwanted warranty defect claims or returns, and meet compliance initiatives with First Article Inspection (FAI), PPAP, and AS9102. Our solutions can help you evaluate and analyze trend feedback to ensure an even higher level of quality product for your consumers. Your organization wants to deliver the perfect product, so implementing an inspection and quality process is of the utmost importance. However, if these processes are causing production of your prototype to bottleneck, it doesn’t provide your business with any value adds. How do you expedite an efficient quality and inspection process without compromising product functionality? This is where Adaptive can help.

3D Scanning

Acquire accurate, high-resolution 3D measurements of physical objects with Adaptive’s reliable 3D scanning solutions. Achieve elaborate capabilities through simple usability regardless of a part’s size, complexity, material or color. Our portable metrology-grade scanners quickly deliver 3D scans so engineers can meet product development requirements.

First Article Inspection

Significantly increase your quality inspection processes and see a dramatic decrease in project lead times with our advanced tracking and reporting solutions. Our quality control solutions that can quickly and accurately generate quality inspection report forms and ballooned inspection drawings directly from CATIA V5, TIFF or Adobe PDF. We’ll help your organization ensure your products meet your FAI requirements.

Portable Coordinate Measurement (CMM)

Adaptive works with industry leaders in the 3D scanning and portable CMM arena so you can ensure the highest in quality assurance. Solutions such as  arm-free probing system generate high-accuracy measurements. Move, test and measure on the shop floor with high accuracy while expanding in-process validation. Whether your production line is for automotive, aerospace or any other manufacturing industry, we’ll help you advance your processes.