Quality Control

Inspection software and hardware are key links in modern metrology manufacturing processes. Inspection tools are used for reverse engineering, quality management, product testing, and 3D additive manufacturing, among other tasks. 3D inspection is also used for root cause analysis, process variance, and tool rework. The goal is precise and rapid digital inspection for the modern manufacturing workflow.

Adaptive Corporation is both a developer and a value-added reseller for a wide range of inspection tools; we have the expertise to guide you in using the right products for the right processes.

As model-based definition (MBD) becomes more popular, old workflows are being disrupted. Quality departments no longer are given blueprints, and need a replacement data source. The new generation of arm-based and handheld 3D scanners make it easier than ever to test and measure on the shop floor with high accuracy.

In-process validation can become a routine part of the workflow, providing valuable, timely data and immediate feedback. When a part is defined by millions of points, the subtle deviations, slight variations, and fine details become more apparent. The result is better first article inspection reports as well as 3D models for simulation and analysis.

Inspection is not just for new product development or reverse engineering. Modern 3D scanner-based inspection methodologies are now being put to work in fields as diverse as:

  • Weld fixture verification
  • Mining
  • Gas combustion
  • Nuclear power generation
  • Agriculture
  • Bio energy plants
  • Medical equipment

The typical output of a 3D inspection analysis is generally a simple mesh, but other options are also available, including models for computational fluid dynamics and kinematic analysis.