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Welcome to Adaptive Corporation Customer Service Support!

One of the benefits of purchasing software through Adaptive is access to technical support provided by expert agents. We strive to provide high-quality first-line support to our customers and minimize turnaround times to enable users to maintain productivity.

On Adaptive’s Support Portal end users can find technical information, guides, and shortcuts in our Knowledge Base, interact with other end-users and Adaptive personnel in the Community Forum, and submit requests for support through the Support Ticket System.

Standard Support

As part of the annual license, Adaptive offers free support for licensing, media, defect and generic non-defect issues (please ask for the full guide for more detail on the specific software you purchased).

Advantage Plus Support

Adaptive recognizes that continued success and return on investment require superior on-going product support. Customers can purchase Adaptive’s Advantage Plus Comprehensive Product Support. Advantage Plus support is essential to ensure smooth operation and maximize up time of your mission-critical system. Adaptive employs a full-time, highly trained, dedicated support team to provide our clients with continuing improvements and success. Many key advantages place Adaptive Support at the top of the industry:

  1. Full-time Dedication
  2. Trained and Experienced Support Staff
  3. Issue Follow Up
  4. Powerful Support Tools

Customers may purchase hours of coaching and mentoring to help address specific customer problems such as model convergence, customizations, and material calibration.

For more information about our support offerings, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you.

StandardAdvantage Plus
Licensing and InstallationXX
Media UpgradesXX
Defect reportingXX
Generic non-defect issuesXX
Material Property CharacterizationX
Feature UsageXX
Method DevelopmentX
Model DebuggingX
Model Convergence IssuesX
Advanced Simulation TopicsX
Customized online trainingX
Coaching & MentoringX
Customizations (scripting, workflow)X